Plating Barrels


Heavy duty polypropylene rib construction perforated barrels. 1/16 diameter and larger. Holes 1/8" standard. Upper steel hangers. 15" horn centers and tee bars. 

Dual Plating Barrels


 Dual plating barrels to fit existing rack lines. Electric or motor driven. Barrel assembly fits 96" long tank. 

Portable Plating Barrels


Sizes Shown:

  • 10" X 18"
  • 8" X 12"
  • 6" X 12"

Plating Barrel Parts


Gears - Over 10,000 in stock. Drive gears, idle gears and ring gears. Range from 32 d.p. to 4 d.p., 1/2" diameter to 25" diameter, platic, reinfroced plastics, steel, steanless steel and hardened steel. Materials in stock. Replacement gears for all plating barrels and other applications. 

Plating Tanks


Steel and paraline lined. Motorized and bussed. 

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Saddles - plastic and bronze. Agitator rollers, anode and cathode bar insulators for round, square and rectangular sizes.

Electroless Nickel Plating Fixtures for H.D.D. Substrates


Sizes available from 4 liter beaker size to 1500 95mm disks per fixture. Custom plating fixtures 48mm disks to 220mm disks. PVDF 

Electroless Nickel Plating Fixtures for Hard Disk Drives


Custom disk quantities available to fit your requirements.

PVDF (stainless steel reinforced) plating mandrels to meet your requirments. Finext quality products used around the world.

Electroless Nickel Plating Fixtures for Hard Disk Drives


75 disk capacity (95 mm) for pilot plating line external tooth planetary design.

Rotating mandrel turning fixture, variable speed, to fit 4L beaker.